Axmanship and Woodcraft 

January 14, 2023

Musella, Ga

Includes two nights of camping on site and the cost of the training.

Adults – $125

Class Overview

The ax of our past may be essential to our future! Whether you plan to build a traditional log cabin in the woods or just process firewood around camp, you will learn why the ax is the most important woodsman tool. 

In Axmanship and Woodcraft, we will use hands-on techniques to safely practice the following core ax skills: Tree felling, limbing, bucking, and splitting wood. We’ll also cover the history, selection, field sharpening and maintenance of axes. The under-appreciated ax serves not only as a woodsman’s lifeline, but a simple tool connecting your hands and heart to doing the stuff of self-reliance.

Required Items:

  • Either a single bit  ¾’s ax (boys ax) 24 to 28 inches long or a full size ax 30 to 36 inches. A few of both ax types will be available for purchase at the class.   
  • A  mask/sheath to cover the bit is required. A sturdy sheath made of leather or kydex. 
  • Note: If you need an ax sheath, please let us know 4 days before the class and we will provide an expedient sheath for $10.00 at the class. 
  • A sharpening puck/stone and a mill bastard file
  • Leather gloves
  • Comfortable, sturdy shoes/boots. Steel toed is not required. However, open-toed shoes are not allowed.
  • Lunch and water for hydration. 
  • Comfortable, layered clothing and rain gear appropriate for weather conditions. You’ll likely need to shed a few layers during hands-on axwork. 
Event Location

Musella, Ga 31066

Exact address will be mailed out prior to the event.

Cell number in case you get confused or lost (706) 224-1109

Suggested Gear
Leather strop with green polishing compound
Sturdy fixed-blade knife
Rubber grip gloves (useful for wet, sweaty hands which are highly likely)
Bug/tick repellant.
Shemagh/bandana (sweat towel)
Physical Challenge: Axmanship and Woodcraft will require functional fitness (not crossfit level) to perform the hands-on activities. The more functional strength and endurance you have, the more you will learn and get out of the class.
Refund Policy

Refunds will only be issued as a credit towards another class and will be good for up to one year from the date of the originally purchased class. Credit for classes cannot be used toward gear purchases.

Your Instructor

Todd Walker

Retired special education school teacher and life-long woodsman, Todd Walker, is the creator and author of over 600 articles on the popular blog site, Survival Sherpa. Todd Is also in the process of building his second traditional log cabin, by hand!